Thursday, July 10, 2014

...little bits...

The other day, we made burgers with a sunny side up egg on top and ate them on english muffins.  We couldn't help but share our epic meal with our little dog, Ruby Roo, so we tore up little pieces of the meal to put on a plate for her.  We have to make the pieces small so that she won't eat too fast... Sometimes she has a tendency to eat big bites that are too much for her little throat to handle!

When I think about all of my goals and dreams for my future, especially my creative and business related goals, it can sometimes feel overwhelming... I always need to remind myself to break my goals up into little doable bits that I can handle and chip away at little by little, rather than always looking ahead to the big picture.  So tonight, I am going to sit down and making some lists of big goals, then I will be breaking them down into smaller, bite-sized goals that I can begin to tackle bit by bit...  Wish me luck!

What are some of your summer goals?  Do you like to make lists and dream big as much as I do?  Goals are really one of my favorite things to write about in my journals...

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