50 Random and Inspiring Art Ideas

This is a list I made for myself called "Art Assignments."  I decided to write it so that I could use it during those times when I feel stuck and can't think of something to make.  You know the feeling: you get that ITCH to make something, but don't quite know how to scratch it properly...  Now I can just turn to this list when I'm feeling creatively lost, and I'm posting it here in the hopes that some of the ideas will inspire you to create too, or maybe it will inspire you to come up with your own list of 50 Creative Assignments.  

Whatever the case, have fun, and make something TODAY!

PS - If you don't know what one of the items means, do a google image search! :)

1. Design a font.
2. Make a big, messy painting.
3. Create a memory jug.
4. Give calligraphy a try.
5. Design a family crest for your family.
6. Make a hand bound sketchbook or journal.
7. Design a repeat pattern for fabric.
8. Draw or write with a fountain pen.
9. Draw something you've never tried drawing before.
10. Make a mosaic.
11. Create a collage with vintage ephemera.
12. Sew with a sewing machine onto paper.
13. Do some stream of consciousness writing.
14. Make art out of something you find outdoors.
15. Make a zine or mini-book.
16. Take photos of your current living environment.
17. Get an ugly animal-shaped knick-knack from the thrift store and paint it a solid color.
18. Paint gesso on an old wine bottle then make a painting on top of it.
19. Buy cheap mugs or dishes from the thrift store and then paint on them with ceramic paint.
20. Draw a silhouette of your favorite person.
21. Create an image macro.
22. String art!
23. Decoupage something.
24. Make a friendship bracelet.
25. Draw a picture of your outfit for the day.
26. Embroider something.
27. Make a checklist of all of your unfinished projects.
28. Do some beading and make a necklace.
29. Use the leftovers from your morning coffee to dye some fabric or paper.
30. Try using wood stain as paint.
31. Make art out of something from your junk drawer.
32. Do something with clay.  (Air dry or oven baked clays don't even require a kiln!)
33. Two words: shrinky dinks!
34. Paper doilies + spray paint = easy beauty.
35. Make a doll or stuffie.
36. Only use crayons for your artwork for the rest of the day.
37. Draw a picture with water based markers, then run a wet paintbrush over it.
38. Give some old clothes a makeover with stencils and fabric spray paint.
39. Create a meal or a dessert that looks pretty on a plate.
40. Cut a stencil out of cardboard and use it to paint something.
41. Make a wearable piece of art out of unexpected materials.
42. Make and distribute a small zine.
43. Dye some of your old clothes a brand new color.
44. Woodburning!
45. Carve stamps out of a potato and print.
46. Make a portrait of your favorite pet.
47. Create a piece of mail art.
48. Make a piece of art based on your personal family history.
49. Make a coloring/activity book for a kid to use.
50. Create an abstract painting.

Thanks for reading this, and have a creative weekend!


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