VIDEO: Random Bits of Art and Life

This is a collage-style video that is full of snippets from my life over the past couple of years. Filmed with three different cameras (of varying quality), I am sharing bits of trips to Penland and Baby Tattooville, pieces of my home and dog (Ruby Roo), my books and art, and a few other things. 

The music is "The Weather Is Better" by The Redwoods and is used with permission. Please check out more of The Redwoods' music here; it's some seriously awesome stuff!

The black and white book I am flipping through is my own 256 page Journal/Diary/Sketchbook thing, which I self-published in 2010.  It's available here. :)

I hope you liked my little video.  There will be more videos to come very soon!  I love making them...

Also!  I extended the deadline on my BIG GIVEAWAY, so there is still plenty of time to enter, and please do... There are only a few comments, so your chances of winning something is HUGE! 


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