The Top 20 Current Trends in Art and Design and Etsy

These are just my observations.  And while I certainly don't make the rules, I think you'll agree with a lot of what I've chosen to put on this list.  This list was made for fun, and if you employ several of these trends in your artwork, don't feel bad.  Being trendy is a good thing, right?  I'm not picking on anyone here...  In fact, these examples are 80% from my own pre-existing works of art or sketchbook drawings.  In most cases, I didn't even realize I was being trendy!  I made the other 20% just now to help illustrate the article. 

I am currently working on a piece that will encompass ALL of these trends, and it's going to be the jam!

I am kidding about that last bit.  But if YOU wanna try to make something with all of the trends on it, please put it online and send me a link! I'd love to see...

Without further delay, here is the list:

1. Put a bird on it. Yup, this is still a thing.  Or put any other animal on it, for that matter. Narwhals, foxes, and deer are a few other popular suggestions. 

2. Put a triangle on it.  Bonus points if there is more than one triangle on it.  Extra bonus points if the triangles connect to create a larger geometric shape.

 3. Put something neon on it.  Oh, just a little splash or highlight… You know, to make it POP!
 4. Put some words on it.  Bonus points if the words are in French.  Extra bonus points if they are ironic or uplifting in any way. Ce n'est pas une tendance. Aimez la vie!

5. Put raindrops on it.  The more, the merrier!  Bonus points if they are coming out of stylized clouds.

6. Put some water media on it and let it DRIP!  It’s like raindrops, but taken up a notch!

7. Put some drawings on your photos in white.  Cartoons and maybe some words, preferably.

8. Put something out of place on it.  Stick a shoe on someone’s head or a pipe in a deer’s mouth.

9. Put a blur filter on it.  Keep the focal point in focus, but let the rest of it get all hazy like.

10. Put a dessert on it.  Bonus points for macaroons or cupcakes or layered cake slices.

11. Put a feather on it.  Maybe even put two feathers on it.  Maybe even make it so that some pieces of the feather are floating off and away…

12. Put some handstitching on it.  I don’t care if it’s a drawing or a photo – just punch some holes and stitch on it!

13. Put some scribbles on it.   You know, to make it look handmade and real – authentic style!

14. Put some flourishes on it.  You know, to make it look polished and stylized – hipster style!  

15. Put a silhouette on it.  Because silhouettes are easy to draw, that’s why…

16. Put a hot air balloon on it.  So colorful!  It’s like putting in a rainbow without being that literal!  Happiness!  Freedom!  Hot air!

17. Put a banner on it.  Ooh, and throw some handwritten words on that banner while you’re at it!

18. Put a moustache on it.  Oh, you know you want to… 

19. Put a bicycle on it.  Everybody loves to ride!

20. Put a lens flare on it.  A fake lens flare.  From your iPhone.

This was such a fun list to make! 
Leave a comment below and tell me all of the trendy trends I forgot about...


  1. I suppose this is a combo of #2 & #11 but I feel like Native American inspired stuff is EVERYWHERE. And like my shop doesn't have enough! Ha!

  2. Good point! There was a whole lot of feathered jewelry and Native American inspired prints at Forever 21 the other day....

  3. Anonymous8:14 PM

    such an awesome (and true!) list... mustaches may have to go in the hipster/stylized category though :D I do the bird thing too, I even got tattoos... can't help myself.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I have to confess to still loving the birds too. My other weakness is the banner thing - I totally want a tattoo with a banner on it!! :)

  5. My daughter and I have this similar convo. periodically. We try to name what trends we notice. We always, always say that you can't go wrong with ... birds, houses, and I cannot remember what the 3rd thing was. My daughter says she's noticing penguins coming in (and people ask her at the craft markets she participates in, if she has any penguins). I think your list is brilliant. Really fun.
    *smiles* Norma
    p.s. we always say too, that you can 'ride' a trend until it hits mainstream and then you're dead in the water. When you start to see the 'how to' articles it has hit the mainstream.

  6. Ooh, I forgot about houses! Yes, those are very popular too lately. Rows of houses, house shaped things...

    And penguins too? It's funny how the trendiest animal is always shifting and changing!

    You and your daughter sound awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  7. this is so totally awesome, and true! and funny! thanks...although, I'm already wondering what's next that's NEW!

  8. Thanks! I am wondering what's going to be new, too!

  9. Hit the nail on the head with all of those! (I'm rather sick of cute deers and girls with antlers!) Love your blog!

  10. Thanks for your kind words about my blog! Ooh, I forgot about cute girls with antlers, lol - that one is huge!! :)


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