Artist Interview: Mindy Lacefield

I first came across Mindy's work while I was browsing around on Etsy a few years ago, and as soon as I saw one of her paintings, I just HAD to see everything else she had in her shop, Tim's Sally.  I was blown away by how expressive her paintings were - here characters were wonderfully childlike, yet so full of wisdom and personality.  I have been a huge fan of her work ever since, and it turns out Mindy is also an amazingly kind person.  I am so thrilled she has agreed to do this interview!  I think you will be inspired to grab some canvases and get painting after you read her words...

Please check out her other Etsy shop, Understory Essence, and visit her website when you get a chance - you will be happy you did!

What is your favorite way to express yourself creatively?

My favorite form of art is most definitely mixed media painting on wood and paper. I use acrylic paints, caran d'ache neocolor II water soluble pastels, portfolio pastels, alcohol inks and bits of paper in my paintings. I love creating whimsical girls and sometimes the sweet animal companion.

 A selection of Mindy's paintings.

What is your favorite color on your painting palette? 

Neon red.

What was your previous job?

I was a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics and Bobbi Brown for a total of 6 years. Before that I sat in a cubicle crunching steel price numbers in a spreadsheet all day. I feel makeup was a stepping stone towards the journey of becoming an artist.

Name a few creative individuals you admire and explain why.

I'm inspired by Arturs Akopjans......his work is beautifully raw and child-like but with a sophistication out of this world.

Christina Romeo - I adore her abstract and girl paintings. Her color palette is striking and her girls live in a world all their own.

Joe Sorren - I have loved his work since the beginning of my painting journey. His figures are luminous and magical!

What are some of your current obsessions?

Of course Art supplies.....I also love blues music, regular show on cartoon network, italian food, everything Tim Burton, Stanely Kubrick films, and going to art retreats.

Do you collect anything? 

Smelly erasers, strawberry shortcake dolls, smelly pencils, and boopsiedaisy dolls (

Please recommend some inspiring books/websites/music/movies to us:

Art Documentaries:

How to Draw a Bunny

Yoshitomo Nara -

Waste Land -

Exit Through the Giftshop -

Ed Wood
Ghost Bird
2001: A space odyssey
Big Fish
Edward Scissorhands
Willy Wonka
Crazy Heart
The Birds
Dream a little Dream

Michael Burks
Frank Sinatra
Buddy Guy
Otis Redding
Waylon Jennings
Johnny Cash
Willie Nelson
Jamey Johnson
Elton John
Louis Armstrong
Shania Twain
Al Green
Michael Buble

Power of Intention - Wayne Dyer
Jane Eyre
Great Expectations
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings

Do you have any advice you could offer to someone who wants to start expressing themselves creatively but doesn't know where to begin? 

I suggest to buy some acrylic paints and paper and just begin to paint with your hands. Imagine yourself when you were 7 years old.

I also recommend attending workshops at art retreats such as Artfest and Squam. There is such magic and inspiration waiting for you there. You will learn loads as well as create some amazing friendships.

Another easily accessible avenue is to take online workshops. I'm having one this Spring called Paint Your Story ( There are so many going on by some fabulous artists. Its a wonderful way to reach those that cannot attend an in-person workshop.

Below you will see Mindy's introduction to "Paint Your Story."

Below is an example of the painting technique you will learn in Mindy's class.  I could watch her paint for hours! :)

You're on a deserted island, and you can only bring 5 art supplies.....what do you choose?

Portfolio pastels, acrylic paint, paper, palette knife, brush.

 Mindy's Art Table

What is your favorite dessert to indulge in? 


A big thanks goes out to Mindy for being such a wonderful inspiration to us today!


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Fun interview, thank you. I love Mindy's work, and I'm impatiently awaiting her e-course!

  2. so wonderful!! thank you Tessa for your beautiful creative spirit. this was such fun. thanks for having me here on your amazing blog. you rock!!!

  3. I loved this! Especially the video about painting with your hands :D

  4. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the interview. Isn't Mindy the greatest?

    And Mindy, thank you so much for being so kind and talented!!

  5. Eek! I can't believe I missed this interview -- I'm a huge fan of Mindy's from her Flickr and Etsy, etc. This is such a great post! Thanks for posting this...such a fun read, and very inspiring...:)

  6. I'm so glad you liked the interview! I love Mindy's work, and she certainly is an inspiring person. :)


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