What is a good gift for an artist?

Here is my first attempt at answering some of your art questions! More to come soon. Thanks for the comments and questions; please keep them coming! :)

I guess it would depend on what mediums your friend worked with, but if they do any kind of painting, an artist can never have too many paintbrushes, especially ones for detailed work. Don't get the cheapest paintbrushes at the store, and stay far away from the most expensive ones, lol... I would say $3-5 per brush would be your best bet - not too cheap and not too pricey.

(Above is a photo of a painting in progress with some of my favorite brushes. Ooh, I need to work on that ear!)

Resource books are always great too... or gift cards to online art supply stores for sure! What other ideas does everyone have?


  1. I like the gift card idea to an art store, then they can choose whatever they want!

    I actually think it's harder to buy for those who don't create!

  2. i love your collection of brushes! i bet the brighten up the studio space at least a little bit! mine are all brown, im a picky painter. but i do have a habbit of buying interesting glasses to store them in, mostly from anthropologie and urban outfitters... anyways, cheers!


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