LADY LADY Zine Comic Diary Journal Thing

lady lady zine, originally uploaded by howtouseart.

For me, the three day weekend meant lots of art making and a new Blackberry that is a whole lot like my old Blackberry...and it meant finishing my mini zine project! "Lady Lady" is a 40 page half size zine full of my original drawings, bits of journal entries, and bits of poetry. It is available for just three dollars by going right here.

It is comprised of forty of the page that are going in my BIG book project that I mentioned in the previous post. Sometimes I think I am almost done with that project; sometimes I think it will be ages before I finish it. I am resigning myself to the fact that it is the type of project that will dictate when it is done, and I will "just know" when to start wrapping it up. Right now, it's about 200+ pages and growing!

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. What did you do during your three days of fun?


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