Sketchbook: May 2009

Pages from my unbound sketchbook... I like to work this way: filling up all the pages first, being messy, changing around the order, and then binding the whole thing in the end when I am done with it. I have big plans for how I want this one to look when I bind it...

I started another small, carry around sketchbook yesterday because the one in the video is getting too huge and unmanageable. It's also getting toward its final stages, and has start to become more "precious" - meaning I want everything in there to look nice, so I have begun to fear working in it a little bit. Don't you hate it when that happens? I think I will scribble on a few of the blank pages as a bottom layer and to combat that problem.

There has been a lot of MAKING going on lately, and I love it. Drawing, painting, screenprinting, planning videos and books, baking bread, and I even started an epic zine project which will probably take years to finish. I feel up to it! Wish me luck...


  1. I love this video, your sketches are great!
    I hope you show us when you get it bound :)

  2. Love the video! Thanks for sharing how you do it!

    Can't wait to see all that you've been up to!

  3. This video was brilliant! Great to see your artwork all together in a sketchbook like that!!

  4. Great film!! Your sketches are so lovely!! Etsy is running a short film would do an excellent job, methinks!! :)


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