Changes Galore!

Plans are in the works, and ideas are blooming around here lately...

But before all the fun starts, some things have to be taken care my computer. It is on its very last leg. It is crying out for a younger, sexier replacement to take its place... So I decided to work my butt off on cleaning out and destashing all sorts of things in my life that I do not need, and I was able to raise enough money (added to what I'd already saved) to buy a brand new computer! Hooray!! I'm still trying to decide between a few of them, but I think very soon a new lovely Mac Book or Mac Book Pro will be a part of my life. That means I can do videos again! My graphics programs won't be the slowest things on earth any longer! I will be happy about opening up my laptop and looking at a screen that isn't cracked down the middle! I won't have to restart it every hour or so! Oh, the possibilities are endless...

I've also been working hard to reduce the amount of STUFF in general that I have. I have been going through some boxes of childhood things at my parents' house, and it's been like a weird trip down memory lane, especially considering the way I packed my boxes in such a hurry: there are things from when I was 3 in the same box with things from when I was 23... I've been going through all this superfluous stuff, selling things online that will sell and donating things to the Humane Society Thrift Store when they are not worth anything... Mostly everything has been donated, as it seems like things from my childhood aren't worth a dime! I feel lighter and better about everything knowing that I am getting rid of stuff I don't need and that I am donating it to help little puppies and kittens too.

Speaking of little puppies...

What else is changing?

I've decided to focus soley on shirts for the time being in my How to Use Art store, and I also want to work on having enough inventory to be able to sell shirts in ALL different sizes, not just one shirt in one size here and there. I know that having a limited selection is annoying for my customers, and it's something I've been meaning to fix for quite some time. I have another order from American Apparel on the way this week, whoo-hoo! I've also decided to phase out my etsy fiber and yarn store, Fluffalicious, as those listings begin to expire. I just haven't really been selling much from there, and I have to be honest that yarn and fiber isn't what I'm truly passionate about: screenprinting and drawing are what keeps my creativity going even more. I love being able to invent an image from scratch onto a piece of paper or onto a t-shirt, and being immersed in that process is so rewarding. The fact that I have sent clothing all over the country as well as overseas just blows my mind, and it's amazing to think of all the places my clothing lives that I have never even been to.

I'm sure many other changes will roll along soon - some are tricks I've got up my sleeve and others are of the wait-and-see variety, but despite all the changes, one thing is certain:

This dog is so damn cute, it's silly.


  1. FUN!! Change is GOOD!!

    Simplifying is gratifying!! I'm about to get rid (lots) of or box (very little) my 2000 sq ft house that we've lived in for 11 years. We are down, down, down, down, down, down sizing to a VW camper van for several months to a year OR moving to Vietnam!

    I tell ya Tess, I thought I was the one who needed mental help, but my sig other graduates next month with a masters and feels the need for adventure! He's quitting his great paying job in exchange for a vagabond life! How old are we anyway??

    I'm actually really excited at what ever we end up doing and so is Urban!

    If we end up on the road, I told Nathan that I have to end up in your area for sure so I can get a crash course in screen printing!!

    Hope RubyR deals with your changes ok!

  2. I agree, getting rid of superfluous stuff is so therapeutic! I need to do that soon!

  3. hope your doggy doesnt eat your craftwork :)


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