The Junk Fountain

I had a couple of friends come into town and visit during their holiday breaks, so that was a lot of fun, especially because they were people I went to art school with, so I got to hang out with creative people - yay! I always miss hanging out with other artists, because there aren't too many here in town. (This is a college town that revolves around football, definitely the furthest thing from my interests...)

When Sam was in town, we decided to spend a day thrifting, which was lots of fun, because we got up early and powered through it and were able to hit every thrift store in town (and there are a lot!). We also found two brand new thrift stores, and one was really good, but the other one was really scary. Sam got some cute little baking dishes, clothes, and a lot of great gifts to take home to New York, and I got a bunch of skirts and a really weird picture. We also had a lot of yummy food at Burrito Brothers, and that is always a plus.

We also decided to stop by Satchel's Pizza, even though it wasn't open, just to look at the new Junk Fountain that they had in the back. That's what the video is about that you see up above. It's made of all sorts of random toys, kitchen tools, and other junk all stuck into concrete. Usually, there's water flowing through the fountain, but since the restaurant wasn't open, it wasn't on. I love that it's a great example of making art out of trash, making something beautiful out of bits and pieces of discarded life...


  1. WOW!! I gotta tell ya, I just about had a panic attack looking at that video!

    I TRIED going to some thrift shops and antique shops before Christmas and I just could not do it! I'm wierd like that - I get the jeebies being around stuff crammed into small spaces, especially if it's been previously owned. It's like I can 'feel' the owners of the items like phantom apendages.

    I DO buy used items and clothing and try to 'remake' stuff from time to time, but it's a mental thing, it's all about the presentation!

  2. hey lady! I sent your interview through etsy! can't wait to read it!


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