Of Dolls and Boxes and Beeswax

I've been doing a lot of experimenting lately, trying to use some different materials to make things just to keep things interesting. I have been working on some cloth art dolls that I hope to show you tomorrow, as well as a few new clay creations. Working in 3-d has been really fun for me. When I was little, I used to sell polymer clay figurines, jewelry, and little boxes at art festivals. I haven't really used clay in years, so it's cool that things have come full circle, and I'm beginning to use it again.

This is Charlotte, named after the Frozen Charlotte dolls of yesterday, which were dolls that had frozen little legs but sometimes jointed arms. Her little arms are jointed with wire, and she has a tiny heart cut from Simone de Beauvoir's autobiography glued onto her chest. She was finished with a crackle effect to make her look like a vintage relic...

I'm also working on printing on vintage stuff, not just clothing, like with this little silkscreened squirrel box:

I've also been in love with finishing my drawings and paintings with beeswax, although I did burn my finger really badly on the mini quilting iron I use to flatten the beeswax! This is a fast folk artsy sketch I did, filled in with watercolors, and coated in beeswax. It's called "Little Love."


  1. You must be made up of tons of creative components! I have a ball watching what you will come up with next!


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