102 Posts!

Wow, when I logged in to Blogger today, I just realized this is my 102nd post - eek! That's a lot of random blabbing by me, ha ha! It's kind of cool, actually. I'm glad I've been doing better about keeping up with posting lately. Sometimes life gets in the way and posting gets hard, but since I don't really keep a diary of my art or anything, it's nice to have a record and something I can look back on, and I love being able to share my work with people all around the country. I actually just made a book on Blurb.com of all my posts, so that I can have a hard copy diary of it, just in case the internet goes bonkers (hey, it could happen!) and I lose all of the writing and images. Some of the images on here are really only on the blog, so it's nice to have everything in a tangible format that I can flip through. And I have always been a lover of books, so to have my own little self-published book on my shelf is quite exciting!

I'm happy to report that I officially got out of my funk! I woke up this morning wanting to paint so badly, and that's a great feeling. I don't have a picture of the new painting yet, but I am pretty happy with it and it was definitely a lot of fun to make. I love putting on music and sitting down to paint for a few hours. That's my idea of a good time.

A few days ago, I did a whole bunch of screenprinting and made a set of these little prints on retro sanitary bags:

They were so much fun to make, and I am offering a few in my Etsy shop, since I think they are fun conversation pieces and might make good gift bags for the holidays, hee hee.

That's all for now! Hope you have a fun weekend. :)



    I did see them in your esty shop and thought they were fun, but didn't know what in the world I'd do with them, but a gift bag is DARLING!!

    I bought some wonderful fabric yesterday that I wanted to cut into smaller pieces to share with some friends but didn't know how to present them.

    The sanitary bags would be perfect! How creative!!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you think it's a good idea too. Good to know it wasn't just me being crazy, tee hee! ;)


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