Painting the Morning Away

I painted all morning to the tune of my iPod shuffling its songs about, throwing in a random audio book chapter here and there for good measure. My iPod tends to favor Johnny Cash and Christmas music when put on shuffle, but thankfully, it only threw in one of each this time. I'm trying to paint faster and paint cuter. And to use more glitter. And if you think that is stupid, then I think you are stupid. Poo on you.

Ruby Roo hid in various cave-like areas around the house while I painted, her favorite being under the 1970's (working, but scary!) massage chair. She is such a sweet little muse.

I wish I could paint all day, but I have to teach in the afternoon, and at night, I tend to get burnt out on creative stuff for some reason. Nighttime is time for ideas and reading and movies. I watched The Other Boleyn Girl last night, and it was fantastic. I love anything having to do with Henry the Eigth and his wives, and it's interesting to see how my other favorite (somewhat fictionalized) version of this saga, The Tudors, compares to the Hollywood film. I searched high and low at the booksale I mentioned before for a copy of a Henry XIII bio, but to no avail. I'll have to stick with what my internet researching can turn up for now... I think the BBC version of these events should be next up on my Netflix queue!


  1. ooo I've wanted to watch The Other Boleyn Girl and will definitely watch it now!! I have watched every documentary on Henry XIII and have been fascinated since a young girl at school studying that time piece at school.


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