Yuck. Growl.

Okay, I had a very annoying week... The week began with two very stressful things: one medical and one professional. The middle of the week was even worse, wherein I got to discover once again how evil, evil, evil, cruel, and pathetic some "men" are capable of being. Then some weirdness from the past resurfaced (vague as that statement may be). Then, the end of the week brought a few professional disappointments. So... now that that's all said and done with, I am looking forward to Monday and to FORCING this week to be a good one, whether it wants to be or not!

Some good did come out of the week, though: I got to hang out with friends a bunch, and chat with a few of my good friends who have moved away... I also learned how to crochet! That's been a life goal for a little while now, so I can cross that one off the list.

Next week will be devoted to making things. First off, I am making a new shirt or tote for my new Etsy friend, Steph. She makes the best jewelry, and you can check out her shop here. I just finished the image below for her, and now I have to trace it a bit to get the other layers of color ready for a silkscreen. I also have some more special projects in the works - a couple other special orders, and I have to make some stuff for my friends to wear to their MFA openings next Friday. I also have a kit for needle felting that I bought forever ago and have been dying to try, just haven't had time. Since I'm done with boy drama and being upset, I'm just going to funnel all my negative energy into making art again. I've definitely bypassed the whole "Being Sad and Watching Daytime TV" stage of this breakup, and right now I am just really freaking mad. Furious. Which is a better state of mind to be in than being sad, for sure.

I'm. Just. Pissed...

Kind of like this lion jumping through fire:


  1. looks like a tiger to me.... hmmm.

  2. Oh wow, I am totally stupid! Thanks for pointing that one out. I am leaving my post "as is" to see if I am able to trick anyone into thinking it's a lion. ;)


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