Love for the Midori Traveler's Notebook

Lately, I have been obsessed with Midori Traveler's Notebooks.  When I first found out about them, I thought they were weirdly long sketchbooks and didn't really look into the system that much...  I came across them again on YouTube a few months later, watched a video, and was instantly hooked.  If you aren't familiar with Midoris, they are basically a system of notebooks held together by elastics.  Goulet Pens (an awesome family run company that sells pens, inks, and notebooks) does a great job explaining them in their video here:

I decided to make a faux Midori for myself to see if I liked the system before purchasing the real deal, and you can see my little attempt (made from a torn scrap of leather) in the photo at the top of this post - it's the mini one on the right.  I quickly found out that I LOVED the system, especially the fact that you could hold so many notebooks in one place and rearrange and replace them so easily.  I bought my first real Midori online (the tall brown one on the left in the photo - it has a little deer insert that I made held on top of it), and I recently made a YouTube video showing my setup:

I also started an Etsy store where I make hand screen printed inserts (or refills) for Midori notebooks.  You can choose your own hand screen printed cover, and you can also customize the interior pages by choosing from plain paper, lined paper, grid paper, dot grids, a day planner, or Tomoe River paper (wonderful for fountain pen users).  Here is an example of the day planner and all of the cover choices:

It's so much fun to make the little books that go inside this notebook system!  I've really been enjoying having this new shop and the Midori system in general.  

I hope you enjoyed watching the videos in this post, and have a great week! :)


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