Screen Printing Party + Permaset Ink Discount Code!

I drew up a new design for screen printing last week, and it's based on my Grandpa's camera from the 1950's.  I have really been loving photography and all things vintage lately, so it was the perfect new design to start playing with in the silkscreen studio.  I had a lot of fun printing with my new Permaset screen printing inks, and the first one I tried was their Permaset Aqua Standard Ink in Turquoise.  I had never tried their inks before, but I was really happy with the consistency of the ink as well as the brightness of the colors.  I had previously been using a blue by another company, and it was super drippy and hard to control on the screen because it had a tendency to run all over the place... This was definitely not the case with my new Permaset ink!  It stayed where I wanted it to and made screen printing a lot less messy!  Here is a shot of the ink in action:

Here I am pulling a test print onto some scrap paper before printing onto the fine art piece I was working on:

And here is the finished piece with a spray painted background that I'd made previously (the image at the top of the post is a similar one with a color variation):

I also got a chance to play with some of Permaset's Aqua Supercover inks.  This is a special type of waterbased ink formulated to print on top of darker colored fabrics without soaking into the fabric and creating a light print that isn't too visible.  I loved the consistency of this ink too - so creamy and thick- and it printed on top of the dark shirts perfectly with great visibility!  Here is a close up of the ink so you can see the texture of it:

Below is the Supercover ink in action.  I was printing my fox drawing onto a few darker t-shirts and pieces of scrap fabric to make patches out of them...

And here is one of the finished shirts:

All in all, I am super happy with the new inks and had a lot of fun screen printing this weekend.  I have some new designs in the works, so I'm going to reclaim some old screens later this week, burn the new images, and play with the new images soon!  I will post some photos of my printing session here.  I am thinking of making a screen with my new doe image, which you can see below in my sketchbook.  What do you think?

I also have a SPECIAL TREAT for my blog readers this month...  Permaset is offering a special discount for How To Make Art readers.  Just enter the following coupon code when you check out on their page, and you will get 15% off any of the inks on their site for the entire month of February: howtomakeart_feb


In the interest of full disclosure, I was gifted the inks by Permaset, however all of the opinions expressed here are my own, and I would only recommend products that I truly believe in.  I really love these inks and will be slowly switching out my old inks with these new ones.  A big thanks to Permaset for letting me try out some of their products!


  1. Hey Tessa! You are talented in so many ways! Enjoyed reading about how you make your t-shirts. I think you should create one with your doe design! Looking forward to your future posts!.

  2. Thanks, Christine! You are so kind. I think I will do one with the doe for sure. :)

  3. Think I found you via the etsy forum
    (how to make a screen shot) - glad I found your blog! Your work is bold and colorful, i really enjoy it.


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