GIFT IDEA Tutorial: How to Make Mini Wall Plaques

Today I'm going to show you a quick and easy project: Mini Wall Plaques.  These little wooden plaques look great on a wall or resting on a shelf, and they would also make great gifts.  I've been making a lot of these lately... Here is a photo of my work table:

Here is what you will need:

*Small piece of wood
*Dremel tool
*Color printer with photo paper
*Yasutomo and Company's Nori Paste
*Wax paper
*Heavy books

STEP ONE: Cut your wood to the size you prefer.  I cut my piece to measure 3" x 3" and sanded the edges with sandpaper.

STEP TWO: Add a hole for hanging on the back of the piece, right in the top center:

(Please ignore the hole at the bottom - that was my first attempt, and it didn't work!)

STEP THREE: Print your artwork out, making sure to make it the same size that you cut your wood - in my case, 3" x 3".  Cut it out carefully with a pair of scissors.

STEP FOUR: Apply a light coating of Nori paste to the top side of the wood.  Don't make your layer of glue too thick, or it will seep out over the sides.

STEP FIVE: Carefully lay the printed artwork on top of the glue layer, making sure that the hole on the back corresponds with the top of your artwork.  Place a small sheet of wax paper over the entire piece, then place heavy books on top of the artwork so that the piece will dry totally flat.  (The wax paper is used so that excess glue will not stick to your books.)

Here's the end result:

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy making these little art reproductions!


In the interest of full disclosure, I am a current member of the Niji Design Team and was given the Yasutomo & Co. Nori Paste by Niji/Yasutomo.  As always, I promise to only recommend and use products that I love!


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