Life is Perfect "As Is."

I think that we spend a lot of our lives striving.  

We want to have a cleaner house.

We want more happiness.

We want more love.

We want this.

We want that.

Something I have been thinking about lately is this: What if your house was sparkling clean?  What if you were always happy?  What if you had all the love you needed and everything else you desired?

Picture yourself in your immaculate house with endless amounts of time.  You are happy, centered, and everything is great.  Your family is close by, but for now, it's just you alone at home.  No chores, no obligations, nothing but freedom.

Then what?

What would you do with your time? 

I think the answer to that question is truly what we want to be doing in our hearts.  

Is it possible that you could pretend, just for a few hours each week or maybe on the weekend, that everything is good "as is" and there is no more striving to be done?  

Is it possible that you could allow yourself to taste that freedom and let yourself do what your heart desires?

Maybe you want to read a book for hours on end, maybe you want to draw or scrapbook or write in a journal, maybe you want to knit, or maybe you just want to sit and think...

Carve out some time for yourself this weekend.  Do what you really want to do...

I am going to do this today...

I have been wanting to make a big, long piece of art - visual poetry - for awhile.  

I think I am going to do just that.

What are you going to do this weekend that is just for yourself?  Please leave a comment below and tell me!  I'd love to hear.


  1. i like the collage on paint

  2. Hi Tessa, I just awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award! Congratulations! Here is the post link:

    <3 Amy


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