Just a Little Bit of Uncensored Free Writing...

Here is a little bit from my journal today - written fast to bypass the inner critic and get to the core of my thoughts...  Jumbled up thoughts, no grammer, no polishing.

Doors are opening up and inspiration is spilling out.

My pup asleep next to me in a quiet room.

Waiting on texts from mom and thinking that I should be working because now that I am self-employed, I should be working all the time, right? 

Day & night, night & day...

Trying to turn this worrying-about-money-thing into worrying about contribution and what I can give back... 

What do I hold back when I should just give in and let go?

Tell my stories; share my secrets; give this all I've got.

Just write. 

Just draw.

Just go, and whatever you do, don't stop to pause or decide or worry...

Just relax, and the thoughts will crystallize under your hands like glimmering stones.


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