Handbound Sketchbook

This is one of my favorite sketchbooks. I hand bound the book and filled it up while in college, around 2004 or so. I did a binding onto tapes using old fabric scraps and bound the book up using pages from vintage books, printmaking paper, tracing paper, and other random stuff. I think it was the first book that I made where I used different types of things to fill it. It was so much fun to make, and I love looking through it these days!


  1. I love this journal! THere's just something magical about making our own journals and filling them with our thoughts, mess and flotsam... ; )
    I love peeking into an artist's journal!

  2. Fantastic!!

    Are you studying graphic design or fine art or illustration?? :)

  3. Hi Sydney,
    I studied Studio Art with an emphasis in Printmaking when I was in college. Graduated in 2005. :)
    Thanks for your comment!


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