Making Books

I just finished the above book, called "Love Hurts," because the person in the photo on the cover has had her head chopped off - ouch! All in the name of love... Maybe her photo is going in a locket that will be close to someone's heart.

I'm sitting at my dining table, which is covered in bits of paper, bookmaking how-to books, acrylic paint, mod podge, paint brushes, gesso, newspaper, and previously bound book and sketchbooks. It feels good to make a mess and make some art. I just finished making another book, but it will be drying all day, so I won't be able to share it until tomorrow. I have taken a few days off from listing and making things for the Etsy shop in order to get back to bookbinding (it's been months since I've made a book!) and making things for myself (it's also been a while...). I thought I would be rusty when it came to making books, but it came back pretty quickly, even though I couldn't find the instructions for the type of book I wanted to make, so I just had to wing it.


  1. Love sometimes hurt, but with God, life can bring happiness.



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