Love to Sew Tote Bags

Do you love to sew?

I'm just learning to sew, and I spent the day drawing sewing machines in my sketchbook. This was the sketch I liked best, so I drew a heart around it and turned it into a screenprint!

Hand screenprinted.
Black ink.
Heat set so the image will not fade.

My goal is to eventually learn how to sew clothes, but I think that is a long way off... I'll stick to simple projects for now until I get better at it!

These sewing bags are new to the shop tonight, and tomorrow I hope to list some new screenprinted horse bags too. I've also got plans to make some deer tote bags, so I'm excited to print those. Tonight will be full of screenprinting, and maybe I'll do some sketching too. I love the weekends. I miss doing creative stuff full time.

I finally got my own silkscreen exposure unit, so I can now make bigger prints, hooray! Before, I used a lightbulb to expose my screens and could only make images that were about 8.5" x 11" or smaller, and even those would not always turn out perfectly, and I'd have to burn the images again and again to get it right... Now my images turn out perfect the first time, every time, with this new machine! It's such a big improvement, and I've been getting images ready to blow up and turn into screens.

What else is new? I've just been working a whole lot, draining as that may be. I watched the movie "Elegy" the other day, which got really bad reviews when it came out, but I really liked it. I also am loving the new show "Modern Family;" it reminds me of "Arrested Development." Almost. And I am not above admitting that I am really thrilled about the new season of "The Hills." Ha!


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