Why I Am So Bad at Keeping in Touch with You

It's been one silly health problem after another here for quite a while, but this weekend, it was almost funny...

Last weekend, I was in the hospital for several days due to allergy related stuff, but as soon as I was feeling back to normal, I had another little problem. While walking around in my dark apartment yesterday, I accidentally stepped on (read: impaled my foot on) one of those metal thingies that go in the filing cabinet to hold back the folders. I screamed. The dog flipped out. Then I looked at it and couldn't believe that I had to...pull the metal thing out of my foot. Gah. I hope I didn't make you throw up just then!

I decided to not go to the doctor since I was at a freaking hospital last weekend, so I have had enough of doctors for the next six years or so, and that is just too much healthcare all at once. Don't try to change my mind; I'm not going unless it feels really bad, but it's healing up nicely. I am updated on my tetnus shots (I think), plus that file thing isn't really an at-risk object for tetnus anyway. It didn't go in deep enough to damage anything serious, and I think it just needs to heal. I am hobbling around the place, and it sucks. The file thing was on the floor because I was trying to reorganize stuff before I got sick last week, and man, I wish I had been able to clean that up instead of stepping on it!

But whatever. I'm not going to have a pity party over it... I just think it's kind of funny. And in any event, after all this crappy stuff happens, that just means that really good things are just around the corner, right?


So that is why I am terrible about emails and keeping in touch. There are some people I haven't even talked to or emailed in more than a year, and I miss them terribly, but I get too embarrassed to write sometimes, because it's been so long. That's a silly reason, but it's true. I know I'll get past all that and write them eventually once things calm down over here... And I know I'll have to tell them all the dumb health stuff and other problems that have been going on, and it just sounds like I am one of those drama seeking people... But I am absolutely not! I don't want drama, but I seem to attract it, unfortunately - especially in the last year or so. All I wanna do is knit and hang out with my dog, and all this crazy stuff keeps happening. At least I have been optimistic about stuff and using art as my healing therepy, so I have been churning out a bunch of stuff.

Unfortunately, you don't get to see photos of said stuff, since I am too lazy to hobble over to my camera drawer with my bum foot! But I will show and tell some pictures that have been languishing on my computer and wanting some attention...

Yup, this is where all the magic happens...or at least the screenprinting magic! It's my new studio a.k.a. garage. I have a larger living space in my new place, but the silkscreen stuff is relegated to the "outdoors" in the garage, where lots and lots of fans also live because there's no way to put an A/C unit in back there.

My garment rack for shirts to dry on as I go. More studio tour...

Ink galore!

Knit shirt I'm working on when my feet work. :)

Hope you are having a healthier week than I am! More photos and updates soon. I can't go anywhere or work, so maybe I will catch up on those emails...


  1. Oh my how awful! I hope that heals quickly for you. I was severely injured by a clipboard hanging on a wall once, feeling for you and the dangerous office supplies!

    Cute pooch face and knit shirts too!


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