Paper Doll Dreams

Remember all those deadlines I told you about before my surgery? Here's two of the pieces I finished up and sent off to two exhibitions:

Above is "Paper Doll Dream Girls No. 2," which is currently on view in Miami, FL. I was so flattered to have been emailed and asked to be a part of a super cool show called DIY:MIA. I also send along some screenprinted shirts and other goodies, since the show's theme was DIY culture, street art, and artist-made clothing.

"Paper Doll Dream Girls No. 3" traveled all the way to Jerusalem, Israel, where it is now currently on view at the ReUSE Project Exhibition, hosted by the INSPIRE Collective. Another awesomely themed show, the ReUSE Project is about using found materials, things from the trash, and anything discarded to make something new and creative. Both of these pieces are painted and silkscreened collages made with vintage atlas pages and butcher paper.

I'm still pretty under the weather, but every day gets better. I don't have much energy yet, so I have been itching to get back into the studio and do some printing... Soon, I hope!!


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I had NO idea about your surgery! You poor darling. But, you see, my dad is gowing through all of this too.. and all the fluid trapped in his inner ear is causing him to hear screaming sounds that are sure to drive anyone over a cliff (he has lost 65 lbs. over this)... It has been a 6 month thing for my poor dad. When I was 11 I used to live stuffed up. I went through the primitive scrapping skin thing on my back and arms, and bubble skin shots... It was awful. I went into shock, well my body did, as I was allergic to Everything. I mean everything. So I had allergy shots, 4 of them, twice a week, until I was 18. Now I am just peachy. But, I was that congested kid. Always in a stuffed up box head hell. So, I kinda know how you feel. And I am sooo glad yours was curable through surgery... Cats throw me into a heaving bloody lung fit to this day.. Wah. I always have tried to have them alas, I can not. No furry friends for me.... So sad. Anyhow, this isn't about me.. It is about you, and I am so sad it is a bloody recovery.... But, soon, you will be able to BREATHE. And that is HUGE!!!!!!

    Your work is fab! Israel??? How wonderfully wonderful!!!! xoxoxoo

  2. this new work is amazing!

  3. im amazed you are taking the time to share with us! And i am so glad you decided to present these works:)

    Enjoy your recouperation, and hopefully you will be feeling much better very soon!


  4. love the new work!

    and...I tagged you! tell 8 things about yourself :)

  5. Hope you will be feeling better and in your studio again soon! I know how frustrating it is to be sick (not surgery though) and really want to get back to the art.

  6. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Hellooooo! Just chgecking in and sending out a warm Howdy!!!


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