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When my allergies are raging, and I have a really awful day, like today, I usually end up finding crazy stuff to watch on the internet! Mostly today has been spent in bed watching YouTube clips about other bichons (I know - I'm nuts!) and finding some really good Saturday night re-caps that I want to share with you. Lately, SNL has been hit or miss, stocked heavily with misses... but there are a few *gems* in the bunch which you may not have seen. Heather, Thom, and I used to always have SNL mini-parties to at least give it a shot, and these are the skits that made us laugh our butts off...

I don't think it's totally kosher for me to put other people's copyrighted material in my blog, but I'll link you in the right directions:

Penelope Skit (You know you know someone *just* like her...)

Law and Order Extras Training Class for 3 Line Bit Parts (If you've seen even just one episode of Law and Order, this skit will make you laugh, guaranteed.)

In other news, I know I've told a few of you about this, but I'm having sinus surgery at the end of the month, and I'm pretty scared since I've never had any surgery ever... Yikes! But, hey, if it will help me feel healthy all the time, I would do it RIGHT NOW! It's been a bad summer for me health wise, but I am counting down the days to the surgery... I almost can't wait!

Sorry this has been sort of a downer, complainey post. There will be better ones to follow, because I worked on the sewing machine a bunch yesterday and have a bunch of stuff I'd love to show you all. I also will soon be posting pictures of all the PLUSH I make! Yes, I do make plush, but my problem is that I get so attached to cute, I tend to hoard it for myself, heh heh...

Speaking of cuteness, enjoy this little glimmer of talent:

That was Ruby Roo's exclusive YouTube only tutorial on how to dance by yourself to Kelly Clarkson while in your living room. Choreography is copyright 2007 by Ruby B. Roo and is expressly for the purpose of in-home use only. Performing this at an outside venue or talent competition is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Ruby B. Roo and/or her affiliates/mommy.

That's all for now. I promise tomorrow's post will be more interesting and I'll respond to some of your wonderful comments. I truly appreciate the fantastic words you leave for me on this site - they totally keep me going, especially on a day like today. I've decided I'm going to "step it up a notch" (gross, Emeril reference...) and make this blog better and more fun for you all to read. Lots of eye candy to come, I promise!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read it!


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    That SNL Penelope clip was hilarious. Very funny! :)

    And your Roo keeps making my day! SO CUTE!!!!

    I hope everything goes well with your surgery! : )

  2. Allergies suck! ;( So sorry. Will the sinus operation help?

    Yeah, I have the very same problem as you, I can't seem to let go of my stuffies!

    Hope you feel better!!!

  3. Oh yeah, Roo is quite the dancer! :)

  4. sounds like you'll be needing a post surgery package. coming to a mailbox soon!!

    what can't that ruby do? she's so sassy.

  5. Thanks for the well wishes! Yup, the doctor said the sinus surgery will make me feel about a thousand times better... I absolutely can't wait to breathe and go outside like a normal person!! :)


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