Mass Production?

Last week, I was a little ball of stress because I was working on some product submissions for a contest I entered, and it was all very frustrating and time consuming. If I win the contest (there are 36 winners), a company will buy tons of my stuff and sell it, so that would make me a nice chunk of change. Let's keep our fingers crossed. You can preview the products now via the store link on my website.

Since I worked so hard last week, I allowed myself to indulge in my weekend fully. There was an opening, parties, a puppet show (don't ask...), the Top, 5 minute cake, dancing to Shakira, peeking in the bedrooms of strangers, mudslides, a quick lesson on belly dancing, and yelling at the TV because I rented a whole bunch of Six Feet Under Season 3 DVDs and just don't agree with Nate's relationship decisions. I get very passionate when it comes to that show, and you should too.


  1. LOVED Six Feet Under! In fact I'm taking a mortuary science class this semester because the field becons me!


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