Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Three of Us"

three of us, originally uploaded by howtouseart.

silkscreen, found paper, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal
30" x 20"

I made this piece a little while ago...last month, maybe? I still need to figure out a way to frame it. Framing is expensive for something that big! Maybe I will just stick it up on the wall with velcro, ha ha, I've done that before with really large pieces. I'm trying to work looser, and this one was really fun to make.

Today is eBay day. I'm so not in the mood to list things on eBay; it's annoying, but at least it will be good to get rid of some stuff (mostly childhood toys found in my parents' house) and make a little extra cash for new house stuff (artist made wallpaper, art, ikea furniture, etc.). I hope I get motivated in the next few minutes and start putting things up!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dream Come True

This is why I've been missing from the blog world for so long... I have been busy searching and deciding and making offers!! So exciting!! The move in date is June 30, and hopefully I won't burst from excitement before then, ha ha.

FYI, the exterior of the house will be painted celery green soon! :)